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Welcome to Antique Primitive Country Treasures - Vintage Victorian Edwardian Steampunk Gothic Country Primitive Old Treasures!

Antique and vintage country and primitive textiles. The not so perfect pieces from the past that have seen happiness as well as hardship. You'll see children to adult calicos, homespun and basic woolen clothing, homespun household textiles, country quilts, blankets and other simple household linens.

Many will be with small holes, stains and mended areas. Make-do, a way of the past, if you will, nevertheless charming and endearing. In past times, country folk never wasted anything, and found a way to bring cheer and a smile with a scrap of brightly colored cloth. Take a walk down memory lane and be inspired by a simpler yet more rewarding time in life.


A true piece of Americana dating from the 1880s to the early 1900's. The Royal River grain bag with its logo in faded blue was made in the area of Yarmouth, Maine on the Royal River.

1880 1900 Grain Bag Seamless American Royal River Farmhouse Primitive

A mid to late 19th century child's school slate board with wooden frame. A wonderful worn patina on the frame with rounded edges. Nice for a country primitive decor or with dolls, teddy bears. So smooth to touch. Construction of the slate is mortised. Hole at the top for hanging.

Antique 1800 Children Primitive Wooden Frame School Writing Slate Board

Victorian 1880 children's dress in a blue and golden tan calico print fabric. All of our Victorian and Edwardian antique children's clothing and accessories are perfect for your re-enactment and renaissance costuming needs!

Antique Victorian 1880 Girl's Primitive Calico Dress Ruffles

Here's is an endearing cloth toy rabbit to melt your heart. Dating from the late Victorian, or early 1900's, the stuffed bunny is home made from fabric of double pink calico for the body. The fabric for the hands, feet and front of ears appears to be a type of crepe material.

Early 1900 Hand Made Cloth Rabbit Doll Double Pink Calico Body Stripe Overalls